Having an Attitude of Gratitude

It’s been a while (OK, a really long while) since my last post.  My friends, both at work and at home have asked the same question that I’ve been asking myself … “Why did you stop writing?”

The most obvious answer was … minutes, hours, and days seem to pass away with ease.  Like most, I get ready for school and work in the morning, try to make sure the dog has gotten sufficient attention (which never seems to be enough), cook in the evening, do the laundry, homework/projects … need I go on? And then, try to make sure to fit in friends, family, and some “me” time.  Oh yes … and then there’s the little matter of inspiration.

Well, part of the “me” time recently has been a further embarking on my spiritual journey.  And, on this path to enlightenment, I found the profound impact that simple meditation can have on balancing life, renewing appreciation of everything, and on providing inspiration.  In fact, this post came to me as I was sitting on a plane with my son heading for Arizona for Spring Break.  Thoughts of my recent meditation session last Saturday night came racing through my head.  In that session, I found myself amongst 30 individuals, all on their own journeys, laying on my green yoga mat, eyes closed, covered in a tweed blanket, purple satin pillow under my head, lights dimmed, new age music playing in the background, and Donna, the studio owner, walking around and through us and setting the intention (or the focus of the evening’s meditation) on “Abundance”.  She slowly walked, and explained that we need to take the time to be thankful for all the things we have … you can imagine my surprise when she said “I’m thankful for my refrigerator … can you imagine having to get blocks of ice to keep your food cold?”  And then it clicked …

Visions came flying across my mind’s screen … everything from the obvious, such as I’m thankful for the love, support, friendship, and health, my family and my kids, to the less obvious, such as even though the dog still has accidents in the house and she howls in the morning waking us up at 5:30 am on a Saturday, I’m thankful for the unconditional love and protection of that mutt (my refrigerator didn’t initially come to mind but on second thought I am pretty thankful for that as well!)  I continued … the smell of the ocean, the feel of the sun on your face, tears, sneezes, the internet, Iphones, love, firepits, having propane during a storm …

And then I thought about my colleague who unexpectedly lost her mom a couple of weeks ago, and thought … abundance … be thankful for whatever time you have together.  Or my friend who lost her job, went back to school, and is now enjoying a fulfilling new career … abundance … be thankful for opportunities that may not always present themselves as such at first.  Or friends who have struggled with addiction … abundance … be thankful for available support networks, the courage to move past challenges, and the strength to get through each day.

Don’t let minutes, hours, and days pass away without thinking about the Abundance in your life.  The simple thought of appreciating the things in your life (even if it’s your refrigerator), will provide you with an “attitude of gratitude” and put things into perspective.

And that’s my two cents … for whatever it’s worth …

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